We are pleased to announce the opening, on October 15, of an online exhibition of pastel paintings by Seacoast artist Caroline Kelley. These works of art will be on view until December 30, 2021. To learn more about Caroline and her art, please visit the York Hospital Art Gallery page at

While the York Hospital cafeteria remains closed to the general public for in-person dining, we are happy to report that patients, visitors and staff who use the cafeteria will soon be able to see the installation of Caroline’s pastel paintings on the walls of the hospital dining room, as well as in the online gallery. Until the cafeteria art gallery reopens for public visitation, the artwork can be viewed virtually 24/7, so that everyone may enjoy a few moments of peace and calm, from the convenience of home or wherever access to the internet exists. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of artworks on view will support York Hospital’s Caring For All Fund.

For more information about York Hospital’s online Art Gallery or to find out how to donate to York Hospital, please contact Community Relations at or [email protected].