*护理givers at 纽约医院 can’t overstate the importance of this message. 作为利来w66平台注册大家庭的两名成员,请听 分享他们关于早期检测重要性的故事 缅因州利来w66平台注册登录. 


你知道…  就像利来w66平台注册约克乳房护理中心一样, our 井’ 乳房护理 service is exclusively staffed by Fellowship-trained breast radiologists, Dr.  阿曼达·刘易斯博士. Becky Hultman和Dr. 克里斯汀Kokonis. We offer 3D tomosynthesis for all patients and have a dedicated 超声波 unit on-site for all diagnostic imaging work-ups and screening needs in patients with dense breast tissue.  All patients receive same-day results during their 井’ visit unless they prefer the results to be sent to them. YH 乳房护理 in 井 is staffed by the same caring team of physicians and specialized technologists as the 纽约医院 乳房护理 location in York.




医生的便条. 乳房护理主任阿曼达·迪米特-刘易斯:

纽约医院 乳房护理 at 纽约医院 and in 井 is now open for both diagnostic and screening exams.  病人的安全对利来w66平台注册来说至关重要. 为实现这一目标, we are spacing out patient appointments so there are fewer patients seen allowing appropriate distancing. 利来w66平台注册正在遵循疾病预防控制中心的指导方针,以确保患者和工作人员的安全. Both patients and staff are to wear face masks (provided for you if needed).  Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are available to our patients and all patient spaces are thoroughly cleansed between patients.  We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you have your exam with us.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  利来w66平台注册期待恢复您的治疗.

To provide increased access for our patients in a socially distant format, we are offering the opportunity to get a mammogram and leave without your results. 利来w66平台注册通常会在24小时内通知你结果. 利来w66平台注册也会根据MQSA/FDA规定给您邮寄一份结果副本.




给利来w66平台注册的乳房护理病人的信息. 阿曼达·刘易斯,利来w66平台注册乳房放射学家:
最近的媒体报道关于乳房x光检查的疗效, 在接种利来w66平台注册疫苗之后, has caused concern among women – our patients included – when planning for this annual test. Reports have indicated that side effects from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine may include swollen and tender lymph nodes.  这些是在11个.6%的患者接受了第一剂治疗, and 16% of patients after the second dose of the Moderna; lower amounts were detected following the Pfizer vaccine.

这并不意味着你应该取消你的乳房x光检查.   The vaccine that prevents 利来w66平台注册 can cause swollen lymph nodes under the arm in which the shot was given; and because your lymph nodes are integral to the body’s immune response, the swelling is a sign that your body is responding to the vaccine and building up defenses against the corona virus.  These lymph nodes, if reactive and enlarged, may be imaged on your mammogram. Concerns arise because breast cancer can also cause enlargement of these lymph nodes if cancer cells spread to the lymph nodes.

We continue to recommend that our patients have routine mammography without delay in care. 然而, 利来w66平台注册要求您告知利来w66平台注册您接种疫苗的日期, 还有为打针选择的手臂.  这将有助于阅读乳房x线照片, and whether to consider if additional imaging or follow-up may be needed.  然而, for those who prefer to schedule their screening mammogram based on the timing of their 利来w66平台注册 vaccine, 可在第一次接种疫苗前预约, 或者在第二次注射后的四到六周.

如果你有其他问题, 或者想和利来w66平台注册约个时间见面, 请与利来w66平台注册护理中心联系 .

纽约医院’s 乳房护理 service promises to provide you with breast imaging to diagnose you accurately with the highest quality images possible. 利来w66平台注册将及时亲自回答您的所有问题. Guidance to support treatment decisions is based on the best science available. Whether it’s a routine mammogram or advanced breast treatment – getting prompt, 个人的回答和专家的关心是最重要的. 纽约医院’s 乳房护理 service offers quality care in a loving environment.

The Difference is 3D mammography…where we can find cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage.
纽约医院 Breast 服务 in both our York and 井 locations is proud to offer the latest in breast cancer screening to our patients in Maine and the seacoast area. 乳房护理现在提供Tomosynthesis 3D乳房x光检查, a technology which allows our Breast Radiologists to see breast tissue in ways never before possible.

Our team consists of Fellowship trained breast radiologists who are on-site and available to go over results within moments of your exam.

We utilize the latest technology to provide the highest quality of images possible. 利来w66平台注册提供完整的乳腺诊断护理, including screening and diagnostic mammograms (with results provided before yo你离开你的约会!), 乳腺超声,立体定向乳腺活检和乳腺MRI.

The 乳房护理 Center is also home to dedicated nurses and expert technologists to help you navigate through evaluation and treatment needs or to answer any questions you may have. Our Specialized 乳房护理 nurses will help guide you through the process of detection, 诊断和治疗. 他们是利来w66平台注册多学科团队的一部分, 与放射科医生密切合作, 初级保健医生, onco逻辑学家, 外科医生和其他医疗保健专业人员. 利来w66平台注册的专家团队在这里为您服务!

利来w66平台注册在乳房x光检查方面是完全合格的, 立体定向乳腺活组织检查, 乳腺超声及超声引导活检. We are one of only a few Maine and New Hampshire centers designated as a Center of Excellence.




纽约医院’s 乳房护理 Center is located at the end of the “Hancock” Hallway on the 2nd floor of the main hospital building at 15 Hospital Drive. The closest entrance to our service is through the “HANCOCK” entrance on the back side of the campus. 沿着走廊直接走到利来w66平台注册的中心! 在约克中心, we offer digital mammography (with results provided before yo你离开你的约会), 超声波, 乳房活组织检查, 及乳房核磁共振成像服务.


纽约医院’s 乳房护理 center in 井 is located in “Building B” on the 井 Campus. 当你进入校园时向左拐,然后走到B楼. 利来w66平台注册位于二楼. 在威尔斯中心, we offer digital mammography (with results provided before yo你离开你的约会), 以及超声波服务.


任命 available Monday – Friday in our York or 井 locations. 晚上可以预约!

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治疗 & 服务

最先进的诊断在关怀的环境. 在你离开之前提供的结果. 



Our team consists of Fellowship trained breast radiologists who are on-site and available to go over results within moments of your exam. 在你离开之前你就会知道结果了! 不再焦急等待!