Left to right: York Hospital surgical team Mayo Noerdlinger, MD, Rachael Owen, RN, and Brian Barry, PA-C.


York Hospital and Dr. Noerdlinger announced earlier this week that they are now offering the InSpace™ rotator cuff implant, a minimally invasive surgical treatment option for patients currently living with a massive rotator cuff tear. This is a less invasive option than traditional full shoulder replacement and involves the insertion of a biodegradable and inflatable device under the edge of the shoulder. Although it has been successfully performed in Europe for over ten years, York Hospital and Dr. Noerdlinger are the first to acquire and practice this technology in Maine.

The InSpace™ implant is designed to restore space between your upper arm bone and the outer edge of your shoulder, relieving pain and improving shoulder motion and function. It provides a simple and minimally invasive alternative arthroscopic surgical treatment for a rotator cuff with a massive tear. This new option offers, on average, 26% less time in the operating room, along with long-term safety and effectiveness results similar to the more commonly performed Partial Repair procedure. The balloon implant biodegrades over the course of about six to 12 months, and, in that time, reduces friction between the bones to lessen pain and improve recovery after a shoulder injury.

“York Hospital is the first hospital in the state of Maine to offer patients the Stryker InSpace™, a novel surgical device to treat irreparable rotator cuff tears without having to resort to a reverse total shoulder replacement. I continue to be impressed with York Hospital’s willingness to embrace technology and offer their patients the latest in medical advancements,” states Dr. Noerdlinger.  “The InSpace™ device is a temporizing treatment for patients with rotator cuff tears and arthritis who do not need to undergo a full shoulder replacement.”

The InSpace™ insert is an outpatient procedure, requiring no overnight stay. Followed by the use of a sling for a number of weeks, along with a physical therapy program, patients typically return to normal activity within six to twelve weeks.

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For more information about York Hospital’s Surgery Center or Stryker’s InSpace™ implant, please contact Jean Kolak, York Hospital Community Relations Office, [email protected], or . You may also contact Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at .