Photo (l-r): Lorrie Sanger, 纽约桨网球 & Pickleball俱乐部 (YPPC) Board Member; 凯特·福特, Event Co-chair; Chip Coupal, YPPC Board President; Susan Kelly-Westman, 纽约医院 Oncology Social Worker; Jan Underhill, Event Co-chair; Lauren Delong, YPPC Board Vice President. YPPC.

When the members of the 纽约桨网球 & Pickleball俱乐部 (YPPC) decided that a year-end tournament “might be fun,” they had no idea what was to come. Following this fundraiser, YPPC Board and committee members recently presented 纽约医院 with a check for over $13,000 in support of their Living Well With Cancer Fund.

On the weekend of September 25 and 26, the first annual 纽约桨网球 & Pickleball俱乐部 Tournament took place at their location on Mill Lane in York. Expecting a limited turnout for the first year, and after some discussion, a decision was made to make it a cancer care fundraiser for 纽约医院. Within days they had a waiting list and expanded the tournament field.

“Our end-of-season club tournament started out as just that – an event for our members to close out the season. We added the ‘fundraiser for 纽约医院’ component and the energy and feel of the tournament completely changed. Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another and YPPC members, 不幸的是, 也不例外. Whether playing pickleball or paddle tennis, our membership stepped up, opened their hearts and gave to a great cause – well beyond our expectations,简·昂德希尔说, 事件联合主席. 凯特·福特, pickleball committee member and Jan’s co-chair partner cheerily added, “Our goal for the ‘Put Away Cancer’ Fundraiser event was initially $500, which we quickly adjusted to $3,000 as the donations from our membership began to arrive. We had no idea the club would raise over $13,000 for the fund – although in retrospect, we should not have been surprised. Members of the York Paddle and Pickleball俱乐部 are among the kindest and most generous in our community.”

The successful fundraiser, involving over 65 participants, included food and gas gift cards in addition to cash donations from members, baskets and 50/50 raffles. Matching funds from a generous YPPC constituent also added to the excitement and bottom line.

While accepting the donation, 纽约医院 Oncology Social Worker Susan Kelly-Westman was happy to share details on The Living Well with Cancer Fund. “The fund provides support to people in our community who have been diagnosed with and are undergoing treatment for cancer at 纽约医院. Living Well With Cancer programs center on mind, body and
well-being and include support groups, 运动项目, 营养指导, 创新项目, 按摩, 灵气 & acupuncture treatments, as well as emergency financial assistance. The programs focus on wellness and support toward the ultimate goal of helping patients achieve steady improvements in mind, body and spirit in pursuit of total body wellness.”

Kelly-Westman also added, “I am so touched by the enthusiasm and generosity of the 纽约桨网球 & Pickleball俱乐部. The donation of over $13,000 to the Living Well With Cancer Fund is simply amazing and will help our patients in so many ways. After roughly 19 months and no community fundraising gatherings due to 利来w66平台注册 concerns, this outdoor event brought so many people together in the name of health, 健康和善良, and will certainly offer a physical and emotional boost to cancer patients in our community currently going through treatment.”

For details about 纽约医院’s 癌症治疗 services, please contact Susan Kelly-Westman, LMSW, at , 纽约医院 Oncology & Infusion 护理, 127 长金沙 Road, 我03909,. For more information on 纽约医院’s other services, visit or contact the Community Relations office at or (电子邮件保护).

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Results of the Tournament are as follows:

黄金       Kathy Yager and Kris Andonian
      Cath Sherman and Holly Grimes
青铜   Jane Craig and 凯特·福特

黄金       Todd Shaver and John Craig
银      Scott Daskoski and Dana Skiffington
青铜    Mike Vessey and Greg Kaknes

黄金       Barb MacLeod and Todd Shaver
银      莉安和吉姆·克罗宁
青铜    凯特·福特 and John Craig